Saturday, February 1, 2014

Double Bridge 15k

I ran the Double Bridge 15k this morning with two of my friends.  My friend Shannon drove down to run the race with me & Heather.  Shannon lives right outside Montgomery which about a 2 1/2  hour drive.  She drove across the bridges yesterday and said they were a bear. Well, I agree!  The race was very well organized.  This was my largest race thus far.  We parked our car at the finish area and they bused us to the starting location.  We did our usual pre-race stuff like stretching, potty break, you get the picture.  Then we were off.

The route is along the Gulf of Mexico in Pensacola, Florida.  You start out on dry land and around mile 2 you can see the water.  The sun was beautiful gleaming over the water.

We got to mile 3 which is where the bridge started.  It was flat and then you had a huge hill to climb.  Oh my, I'm talking huge.  We did it anyway.  The course flattened out and the bridge was 3 miles long. I felt great after that bridge.

At mile 6 I started to feel a limitless tiers and my pace started to slow down.  At mile 7 we had another bridge.  Oh, this bridge had a steep hill.  Like I was totally dieing!  We finished the bridge and hit mile 8.  It was really hard.  At mile 9 I thought I was going to die.  The sun was beaming on us and it drained me.  Heather was great.  She kelp telling me we could do this and were almost there.  I was thrilled to cross that finish line.   

Here are my stats.  Overall, I was very pleased.

I will be doing this race next year!  Have a  great Saturday!


  1. Congrats!!! So proud of you! What an accomplishment! Looks like a beautiful run too!