Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Parker turned 15 month old on December 3rd. I can't believe how fast my little, or not so little, guy is growing up. I promise to update my blog with pictures soon. He loves to call Santa HO-HO-HO.

On December 8th, Lee got home and noticed something wasn't right at our house. The laundry room light was on, which can be seen from the driveway. He let the garage door open and noticed the garage door leading out of the house to the garage was open. WE HAD BEEN ROBBED! While we were at work , someone broke in our house and stole electronics, jewelry and my comforter set. There are a lot of sentimental pieces that we can never replace that they took as well as my camera. Luckily they forgot my laptop, which had all my pictures downloaded on it. Someone obviously had been watching the house and then just let themselves in and filled their pockets. I can't believe it happened, but it could have been a lot worse. We filed a report and are hoping the police will come up with a suspect.