Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Random Happenings

How do you like my real life Elf on the Shelf????  This little boy cracks me up.  The sad part is that he is so skinny and can fit on that shelf. 

On Sunday, we had Christmas in Chatom with some of my family.  Lee wasn't feeling good so I met my sister at her house and rode with her.  I pick on her because when the girls were little and they would come to my house to visit, we took my Tahoe everywhere.  It had a built in DVD player so the girls thought they always had to ride in my truck.  So now that I have a child, my sister gets payback because I make her drive everywhere and take her car.  The only bad part is taking the car seat out and putting it in her SUV.  We had a great trip.  It's funny because the girls like to listen to these hip hop songs. We had fun singing.   

Parker loves spending time with Emilee & Hannah.  

Remember me saying Lee didn't feel good, well he ended up in the hospital on Monday.  He had a bump under his arm last week and which turned into an infected hair which resulted in Hidraditis.  All Hidraditis boils down to is inflammation of the sweat gland.  They admitted him because he was running a fever and had chills when he arrived at the ER.  I feel bad.  He woke me up at 5 yesterday morning to tell me he had been hurting all night and had chills.  I told him to go ahead and go to the ER instead of waiting for Urgent Care to open.  I had no clue they would actually admit him for observation.  They originally said they would keep him overnight but thank goodness they let us go around 4:30 that afternoon.  Parker loved sitting with daddy and watching cartoons.    

This is what my bar looks like with all the crap they sent us home with to keep the area clean & his medication.  I didn't go to nursing school for a reason.  Changing the bandage daily will be tough for me.  
My great aunt passed away on Friday night.  She had been in a lot of pain so I know her children are glad to see that she is pain free.  So, that's our life lately. 


I can no begin to explain how I felt on Saturday morning.  I met my friend Paige at 7 and she rode with me to the race.  This was her 19th half marathon so she is a pro at what to do.  We arrived and picked up our packets, waited in the long line for the potty and met up with some of our other S2S Sisters.  There was a 70% chance of rain but most of it stalled out and broke apart before it reached our area.  I was glad that the rain was going to hold off but I wasn't happy about how humid it was.  I was nervous about the run because by mile 10 during my training, I would have to hit the bushes or a potty.  I was very thankful that I was actually able to take care of business before the race started.  What a relief.  The gun goes off and we start to run.  I typically do a 3 minute run/1 minute walk pattern. I was feeling good so I started running 7 minutes/walking 1 minute.  When I did this, some of my friends were sticking to the old pattern.  Before I new it,  I could no longer see them behind me.  At mile 5 it started to rain but not to hard.  This route was along the bay so I was able to run and look at the water most of the way.  I am so use to running with my friends and they help motivate me.  After mile 7, I went back to my run 3/walk 1 because I didn't want to give out by the end.  It was hard running by myself.  I'm just not use to it.  After mile 10, things went down hill.  Mile 11-13 was HORRIBLE!!!  My right leg was hurting and I had a blister on my right pinkie toe.  It hurt so bad.  At mile 11 I wanted to call and tell someone to come pick me up.  Thank goodness I had no bars on my phone so the call wouldn't go through. No, I really wasn't going to quit but I just wanted to call my husband and for him to tell me it was going to be okay.  I pushed through, at a snail's pace and crossed the finish line at 2:52.  My goal was 2:45 but at that point I was just happy to finish.  The last .1 was emotional.  Tears started rolling down my face.  I worked so hard for that 13.1 sticker.  Yes, it's all about the sticker, haha!!!  I was upset after I finished because all they gave you was an ornament and because I was one of the last ones to finish, mine was plain white.  NOPE, MINE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE HOLIDAY HALF MARATHON ON IT.  THE TENTS WERE ALREADY TAKEN DOWN, THE FOOD WAS GONE, BEER WAS GONE, ETC.  I felt like I was being punished because I was so slow.  Out of 238 runners, I finished 231.  The only pro's to the race was that the money went for a good cause and I earned my 13.1 sticker.     
Me crossing the finish line!!!

Some of my S2S Sisters
I'm signed up to run the Gulf Coast Half in Pensacola on January 11.  It's a big run so I'm sure I will have a better experience. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Count Down

I'm starting to get nervous. Tomorrow is my race. I've been training for about 4 months & I know I can cross that finish line.  It doesn't help that there's a high probability of rain Saturday morning. Our weather has been really crazy lately.  It's been cold all week but the high is 70 tomorrow with about a 70% chance of rain.  I thought the rain was suppose to move in Saturday afternoon but now they are saying Saturday morning.  The race is on rain or shine.  
It will be pasta for dinner and off to bed early.  I can't wait to post how it went. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

My Sweet Boy

Oh my, this little boy melts my heart!  I often ask God what I did to deserve my precious little boy.  I'm so blessed and thank God everyday!

Wales West, Gender Reveal Party & Christmas Program

It's that time of the year where we stay very busy.  When I uploaded the pictures to my phone, it didn't put them in the order that I wanted.  So I will recap starting with yesterday.  I'm a very blessed girl being that I still keep in contact with some of my high school girlfriend's.  Yesterday, my friend Shae and her son Max came down (about an hour and a half drive for her) and we took the boys to Wales West to ride the train and see Santa.  We had so much fun.
~Mommy & Parker selfie~
~My little Elf~
~Is he cute or what~
~Parker & Max with Mrs. Clause~
~Parker & Santa~
Santa asked what he would like and he told him a blue bike. 
~Two peas in a pod~
On Saturday afternoon, my best friend had her gender reveal party.  I guessed it right, IT'S A BOY!!! Briley is going to be a big boy.  He's so funny and tells everyone that it will be double trouble when baby brother gets here. 
On Saturday, I ran 7 miles in the freezing rain.  We are some crazy ladies.  There were about 6 or 7 of the ladies running 18 miles for their full marathon training.  We decided after our 7 miles that we needed to go check on them to make sure there were okay.  We were a little silly!!!  God has blessed me with there wonderful ladies.  We have a lot of fun conversations during our runs. 
Friday night, Parker has his preschool Christmas program.  Oh my, they were so cute.  I took a lot of pictures with my good camera but can't get them to load to my computer.  Parker was so excited.
~That smile of his will melt your heart~
My half marathon is on Saturday.  I'm so excited.  Have a great week!

Friday, December 6, 2013


I've been MIA for a few weeks.  Life gets very crazy this time of the year.  We have a jam packed weekend.  Parker's preschool Christmas program is tonight (oh my heart melts), my best friends gender reveal party and Auburn football on Saturday & Sunday two of my best friends from high school are coming down and we are taking our boy's to Wales West.  I'm sure it's going to be a great weekend.
Okay, in honor of my half marathon next Saturday, my Five for Friday will be all about things that I want that are related to running.
I can't believe that this sticker will be on the back of my car next weekend.  I'm so excited.
I really need an SPI Belt to hold my keys, Gu and TP wipes.  Yes, there I said it, I like to carry wipes with me.  There is a good reason.  LOL
I need new shoes but will hold off until after my half.  I love my Brooks running shoes.
I think this pretty tumbler will help me drink all my water each day.  Maybe, maybe not but it's cute!
I bought two really cute running tops from Old Navy.  They are really light weight and loose fitting. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!