Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Parker's First Hunting Trip

When I first found out I was pregnant, Lee and I both thought we were having a girl.  I even had a dream that it was a little girl.  Much to our surprise, we were having a baby boy instead.  I remember seeing the tears stream from Lee's eye's.  We were both thrilled.  All I could think about was that Lee was going to have a fishing and hunting buddy.  Parker has shown interest in hunting and we wanted to make sure he was old enough before we let him go.  We bought everything camo that you could imagine.  Opening season came in on Saturday so the big day was finally here.  They got in the woods about 3:00 that afternoon and stayed until dark.  Parker was a little disappointed that he didn't get to see a big buck.  Lee said he sat there and was really quiet.  They both had a wonderful time and are looking forward to their next trip together. 

Just in case you're wondering, NO, Mommy DOES NOT hunt.  Lee took me hunting once when we were dating and I couldn't be still or stop talking.  I guess it's sad that my 4 year old can be quiet.  The boy's dropped me off at a friends house in Monroeville so I spent the day shopping and reading lots of Southern Living magazines.   

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things

Today I'm linking up with April, Katie, Zelle, and Elise for the second annual These Are a Few of My Favorite Things link up. Today's topic is "Christmas Wish List" and I had so much fun putting mine together. I don't expect to receive all these items but I plan to send this to Lee to give him a little help :)
Momma is desperate need of a new pair of shoes.  I'm running my third half marathon in January and I'm not sure if I can complete my training in my current shoes. 

I would love a pair to wear with skinny jeans or leggings.  Super cute.

Are these cute or what?  It's suppose to be a cold winter here in the South so these little cuties will keep my piggies nice and warm.
 I've wanted one of these bracelets. 
 Our coffee pot has seen better days so we are finally going to upgrade to the Keurig.  This is actually a joint gift to Lee and I from our self. 
There you go! Hopefully Santa will surprise me with some of these gifts this year!

What's on Your Christmas List?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Whole 14- Round 2

 Did you notice the title of my post?  Yes, Whole 14.  Myself, along with my co-workers are doing a mini edition to gear up for the holidays.  I've been able to maintain my weight at 168.8 since I finished Whole 30 in October.  My goal is to be at 164 by the end of the 14 days. 

Life after whole 30 has been interesting.  I've continued to follow whole 30 for the most part but added some foods that weren't approved.  We've had a cool snap lately so I made Chili one night and White Chicken Chili another.  Let me tell you, everytime I eat something that's not Whole 30, my stomach kills me.  I feel yuck, my stomach bloats and I just don't like it.  As I've said before, this is more of a lifestyle so I'm excited to see where this will take me.

I cheated several times my first round and I don't plan to do that during the next 14 days.  I can do this!!!  

Tractor Birthday Fun

Parker and I made the trip to Washington County on Saturday morning.  Our friend William turned 4 so we helped celebrate with a tractor party.  Parker wasn't excited about the trip, he actually cried because he wanted to stay home all day.  Poor baby, that's a sign that we have been way too busy as of late and need to slow down.  Anyway, I told him his friend Garrett would be there and a hayride was involved.  He got excited so we hit the road.  I love going "home" for birthday parties because I get to see so many people that mean so much to me. 

Parker and Garrett.  These two are so funny.  Garrett's mom is actually my cousin.  Talk about a hoot, she's probably one of the funniest people that I know. 

Parker's turn to hit the pinata!

The kids had a blast picking up all the candy.

This little boy loves a tractor.

Future Heart Breaker!

While on the hayride, Parker told me it was the best hayride ever!  This little boy had a great time and was so happy that he decided to go. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Fair and Halloween

Last week we went to the fair in Mobile.  If you recall, we went last year to see Thomas the Train but didn't ride any rides because Parker was so small.  This year was a lot different.  We met up with Pamela and Briley so the boys could see TMNT and ride some rides.  Parker is still a little on the short side so there were actually several that he couldn't ride, even with me with him.  Next year buddy! 

He loved the motorcycle and rode it several times.


My super cute SUPER HERO!!! 

Pamela and I laughed because they were having so much fun in the sand box.  We should have taken them to the beach, it would've  been less expensive.

This is probably my favorite photo of the night.  I just love that smile.

Parker and Briley were so excited about the turtles.  I'm telling you, I just love being a boy mom.  It's truly the best.
This is the only picture I got of Wolverine.  He was so excited to trick-or-treat. 

It was a super busy week and weekend.  By Sunday, he was begging for a nap after church.  This weekend will be a little bit more low key.  My moms birthday was on Tuesday and my Granny's is today so we are making a trip to Washington County.  We have a birthday party in Chatom that morning to celebrate my friend Diana's little boys' 4th birthday.  Have a wonderful weekend.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Huge PR

Happy Monday!  It was brutally cold in the South on Saturday and Sunday.  I ran the Senior Bowl Charity run on Saturday morning with my Sole2Soul Sisters.  Last year I ran the 10K in 1:14:46 so I knew I wanted to beat my time.  I ran with Susie and Sherry.  I ran with Susie two weeks prior and finished my 6 miles in 1:10.  I have been wanting to increase my speed and running with someone faster pushes me.  My original plan was to finish in 1:08.  It was pretty miserable standing around before the but by mile 1, I had to roll my sleeves up.  My run started out great, I felt wonderful.  By mile 2.5, my side started hurting.  Oh boy, it took .5 mile for it to finally go away.  When we got to mile 3, our time was a few secs shy of 32 miles.  I was blown away.  I've NEVER ran 3 miles that fast.  I really felt good during my run and my legs were never tired.  At mile 5, the radio on the side of the street was playing It's all about the Bass and it gave me the extra energy to push through.  I was so please with my time.  I completed my fastest 10K in 1:06:35.  I was thrilled.  I'm sure that my diet and weight loss has had a lot to do with my increased speed. 
Here I am with my running buddies, Susie and Sherry.  I'm so thankful that I had these ladies to push me.  I realize now that I'm capable to do whatever I set my mind to.

This was most of our group that ran Saturday morning. 
I'm so excited about my future runs.  My goal has always been to be close to a 10:35 pace and I did it.  Now, lets hope I can keep it up.