Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Twelve Months

*I'm way behind on my blog. I hope to catch up this week!

I cannot believe it! How did the year go by so fast? It is true, "the days are long, but the years are short." It makes me want to treasure every single day that much more. I love that I get to wake up to Parker every day. He is just the happiest baby and makes me laugh every day! I thank the Lord every day for him. I'm honored to be his Mama! Here are some things he is up to. He has learned so many new things this past month.

-He is 21.5 pounds. (50th Percentile)
-He is 30 1/2 inches tall. (75th Percentile)
-Size 3 diaper.
-Size 9-12 month clothes.
-Size 5 wide shoe. (measures 4 1/2)
-Naps twice a day.
-Goes to bed at 8:00 ish and wakes up around 7 normally.
-Has learned to clap! He will clap if he sees someone clap or if he hears the words, "yay!", "clap" or "patty cake."-Waves "bye bye" very consistently now.
-Has been walking since the 4th of July weekend.
-Has started trying to run.
-Has started getting up on his hands and feet. (Like a football stance.)
-Loves a balloon. They always have top priority.
-Loves to play with a baseball, football, basketball.....ANY ball.
-Wakes up saying "Ball" in the middle of the night or early morning.
-Loves to play with trucks and makes the sound with his mouth.
-Has not had a bottle since his birthday, September 3.
-Lifts his arms up for me to hold him and I love it.
-Can say:
Ball **His favorite word**
Bye Bye
Oh No

Happy Birthday, Parker! We love you so much we can hardly stand it.

Biting Baby

Hi my name is Christy and my child is a BITER!! Yep, a biter!!! It is crazy because he only has two teeth!! When I worked at a daycare I dealt with biting kiddos. I know that they bite b/c they are unable to communicate and they get frustrated. I also know that teething doesn't help the matter. So far I have made him look me in the eyes and I tell him no bite!!! However, I have spanked Parker's hand and hiney and apparently I am not a good spanker b/c it doesn't even register with him. I just cannot do it any harder. I am not able to!! I don't have it in me!!! So call me a bad parent or a pushover, but I just cannot!!! I am hoping that we will find a better way to nip this biting SOON!!!