Sunday, July 5, 2015


I was recently asked to come visit and talk with a local Iron Tribe owner.  I met Crystal almost a year ago one morning while running with my Sole2Soul running group.  I happen to run my fastest six miles ever that morning.  I remember just really enjoying talking with her.  I was shocked when she reached out to me to come visit and talk.  Okay, if you've never priced Iron Tribe before, just know it's really expensive.  But for people like me, it's all about accountability and sometimes it a lot!  Anyway, Iron Tribe is unlike any other gym type organization I've ever seen.  Crystal and her husband are super involved in church, go on mission trips and things like that.  We actually attend the same church but had never met each other.  It's a big church.  A lot of the tribe members go to out church.  They pray with each other, encourage each other.  She reached out to me because she wants people like me who encourage others.  It made me feel so good for her to pick that quality out of me.  I'm so proud someone sees me as an encourager.  Recently, I noticed Parker being so encouraging.  WOW, he got it from somewhere and it was probably me.  We will play games like Go Fish and he'll say "Good Job, Mom!" or "That's okay, you'll do better next time."  Lee and Parker love to play Hill Climb on his IPad.  It's a friendly competition between each other to see who will get the most points.  I just heard him in the living room encouraging his daddy.  I'm almost in tears.  All I want to be is a great example to my son and I think I've accomplished just that.

I recently told a friend that I have never felt more of a need to pray for our country as I have recently.  So many things going on and it's a little scary.  We live in a society where people look out only for themselves.  Maybe if we set out to encourage one another,  we can make a difference.