Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

Today, I linking up with Annie and Natalie for their Thoughts for Thursday.  So here we go!

1.  I'm so excited for a 3 day weekend.  I have been so tired all week. 
2.  I was running last weekend and right after the 3 mile water stop, I fell.  I wasn't paying attention and looked off to the side and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground.  I walked about a half mile before one of my friends came to pick me up.  I couldn't finish my 6 mile run.  Talk about upset.  Anyway, I can finally walk on my left foot but the bone area of my left ankle is bruised and swollen.  Hopefully it will heal soon.
3.  I'm planning Parker's 4th birthday party.  Oh my goodness, where has the time gone.  He wants an Avengers party.  I'm thinking Kangaroos.  It's a little on the expensive side but all I have to do is show up with the cake.  They even provide Blue Bell ice cream cups. 
4.  I started a diet on June 16th.  I lost 7.4 pounds in 2 weeks and this week I've lost .4.  At least give me a pound or two.  Geez, I don't think I'm asking for too much.
5.  It's the first week of July and we haven't been in a pool.  I told Parker that we would go swimming this weekend.  He's excited.
6.  Our 11 year Anniversary is fast approaching.  Lee and I were talking about it last night and trying to make some plans.
I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July.  Stay Safe!!!


  1. Saying hi back from thoughts for thursday! I totally understand the falling while running! I wanted to run last night but knew I was too tired to focus, so I got on the elliptical so I could zone out! Hubs didn't understand but I know you do!

    Thanks for follow! I'll be joining you too on this wild blog ride! Have a great weekend!

  2. I run with a running group and we start running at 4:30 or 5:00 typically. Sometimes the conversations will cause me to loose focus but this time that wasn't the case. I was actually ahead of a few ladies by myself and looked off at the gas station (thinking I might should run in really quick since I had that urge to go) and the next thing I know, I was on the ground. I felt so stupid, but hey, it happens. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Stopping by from the link up. 7.5 in 2 weeks!!! Please share!

    1. I've been doing a DIY version of Medi Weight Loss. My body loves carbs so limiting them is working for me. I plan to do a post soon.

  4. That fall sounds terrible!! I hope you are letting yourself recover! We just had our first pool day on Tuesday. And wow on the weight loss!!