Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Soccer and Father's Day

Parker's first season of soccer has ended.  He had a lot of fun and learned more about the game.  It was so much fun to watch all the little kids run after the ball.  My child loved to touch the ball so I was always yelling "Don't touch the ball, Parker!"  We will definitely sign up to play again.  He's already looking forward to playing baseball this fall. 

Okay, I have to document this so I will remember how sweet my little boy is.  He scored about 8 goals this season but on the last game, he scored the first goal of the game and he was thrilled.  After he kicked the ball in he turned around and yelled "I did it, Mommy" but oh it gets better.  He then runs off the field right into my arms for a hug.  Yes, there were tears.  I love my little boy so much. 

 Father's Day weekend was fun.  We didn't do much but spend lots of quality family time together.  Hey, that's what is the most important.  We went to Bass Pro Shop, AKA Bass Pork Chop, to look around on Saturday.  Parker always has to visit the fish and jump on the 4-wheelers.  He found one his size and said we needed to load it up so he could ride it in the woods.  That boy is a character. 

No family outing would be complete without a trip to Chill.  It's our favorite. 
We finally found an Auburn hat that would fit Parker.  Of all places, we found it at Target on clearance.  He was a happy little boy.

Parker is so blessed to have such a wonderful daddy to look up to and respect.  I couldn't have asked for a better husband to raise our son.  BLESSED

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  1. I think Parker has to be the cutest little soccer player I have ever seen! And Bass Pro Shop on Father's Day? SO FITTING! esp here in NC, hahahah!