Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday- A Whole Lotta Random

Happy Friday!!!  It's been a super busy week so I am very happy that today is Friday. 
We are going to the Farm tomorrow to celebrate a friend's 40th Birthday!  My Mother-in-Law is watching Parker so it will be nice to escape for the day and be surround by adults.  We will be watching football, eating and a band will be there in the afternoon to play.  It should be a great day! 
10 Mile run tomorrow morning at 4:30.  I know it's silly but I really do enjoy waking up at the crack of dawn to meet my friends and pound the pavement. 
Parker's daycare is preparing for their Christmas program.  Parker's class has three songs so we practice at home every night.  It's so cute and this momma is giddy about the fact that he will be in a Christmas program.
I want these boots so bad.  I hope I can find them on sale for Black Friday!

Dunkin' Donuts opened this week in Daphne.  Lee and I have been very excited and we plan to make a stop at some point this weekend!
Okay, have a great weekend!!! 

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