Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Friday Night Fun

Parker is at such a fun age and is big enough to do lots of fun things.  Friday night, we met the Johnston's at Mellow Mushroom for dinner.  Parker and Briley are best buddies, just like their Mommy's.  I love that my best friend and I had children close in age so that they could play together. 

After dinner, we headed over to Eastern Shore Lanes for a game of Laser Tag and played in the arcade room.  The big boys had just as much fun as the little ones. 

Parker's school was closed on Monday so I took the day off.  It's always fun to have a little one-on-one time with my sweet boy.  We started the day off with a visit to the Dermatologist.  Parker has been having some really dry skin and also some little bumps on his legs.  She suggested we start using a cream instead of a lotion and to stop using the kids smell good type bath wash.  She wants me to use regular Dove soap.  Parker is so funny about the cream.  After his bath, I will tell him to bring me the lotion and he says "No, Mommy, it's cream!"  He also had a bump that appeared close to his elbow on Friday and was complaining that it hurt.  We had decided to just keep it covered since he had the appointment on Monday.  Dermatologist confirmed it was Staph, for the THIRD time.  So, she wrote him out a prescription for an antibiotic to take for the next 7 days. 
Work has been crazy but I'm thankful for a 4 day work week and already looking forward to the weekend.

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