Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was so wonderful.  More than anything, the break was much needed.  I was off work for 4 glorious days and soaked in every minute of it.  

The morning started off with me running 6 miles with some of the ladies in our running group. I needed to burn as many calories as possible so that I wouldn't feel bad for endulging in all the goodies.  

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Lee's family.  My sister-in-law hosted at her home.  We all ate to much and wanted to take a nap.  Parker enjoyed playing tennis and football with his daddy and cousin.  He's such a monkey, always climbing something.

Now on to Christmas!  It's December 1 and we haven't bought a tree.  The goal is to get a tree and get it decorated this week!  I'm also on Turkey Day Detox!  I'm surprised my pants aren't tight after all the sugary food I ate.  I feel really sluggish so back to clean eating.

Have a great week!

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