Friday, November 7, 2014

The Fair and Halloween

Last week we went to the fair in Mobile.  If you recall, we went last year to see Thomas the Train but didn't ride any rides because Parker was so small.  This year was a lot different.  We met up with Pamela and Briley so the boys could see TMNT and ride some rides.  Parker is still a little on the short side so there were actually several that he couldn't ride, even with me with him.  Next year buddy! 

He loved the motorcycle and rode it several times.


My super cute SUPER HERO!!! 

Pamela and I laughed because they were having so much fun in the sand box.  We should have taken them to the beach, it would've  been less expensive.

This is probably my favorite photo of the night.  I just love that smile.

Parker and Briley were so excited about the turtles.  I'm telling you, I just love being a boy mom.  It's truly the best.
This is the only picture I got of Wolverine.  He was so excited to trick-or-treat. 

It was a super busy week and weekend.  By Sunday, he was begging for a nap after church.  This weekend will be a little bit more low key.  My moms birthday was on Tuesday and my Granny's is today so we are making a trip to Washington County.  We have a birthday party in Chatom that morning to celebrate my friend Diana's little boys' 4th birthday.  Have a wonderful weekend.  

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