Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rock N Fly Half Marathon

I ran my second half marathon today in Pensacola, Florida.  We had really bad weather all day Friday and it finally moved out of the area by 4:00 this morning.  The race was delayed an hour due to the weather so start time was 9.  I started out feeling great but at around mile 3.5 I felt some pain in the upper right side of m stomach.  The pain was so bad that I had to walk.  My sweet friend, Paige, stayed with me.  The pain got better but still hurt pretty bad.  We ran and walked to around mile 7 and the I noticed my feet were killing me and that I felt a swish every time my foot touch the pavement.  I stopped and removed my shoe and sock to find that I had a blister on BOTH feet.  It got so bad that I could not run but had to walk on the side of my foot.  It was horrible.  The entire race was horrible.  Not only did I have personal issues but they were out of water at 2 or 3 water stops, the route we ran was basically at a slant the entire time ( I rather run hills than feel wopsided), it was hot and well it was HOT!  I enjoyed running with my running group and the wonder lunch afterwards.  Needless to say, I think I'm done with half marathons until November.  My first half in December was horrible and this one was also.  I kind of think that I wasn't ment to run 13.1 miles.  So, we shall see.  

Before the race.  I decided to run lady minute in someone else's place so I didn't have an outfit to wear.

Oh My Gosh, these guys made it worth the race.  The Navy sponsored the race and we ran on base.  

Jenni and I!

Oh, this is what happens when you have a sticker on your face and get way to much sun.  

Have a great weekend.


  1. So sorry you had such a tough race girl! But it was great getting to see you!!!