Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hello March

Oh dear, I sure hope the cold weather will be ending soon.  It has been really cold in South Alabama and this mama is ready for some flip flop weather.  Monster Jam came to Pensacola, Florida so we took P to see it.  This was our third time to go see them.  Captain America was there so P was in heaven.  Overall, it was a great show.  After the show, we had an early dinner at McGuire's Irish Pub.  They have the best steak around.  There were three ladies at the table next to us and they had so much fun talking with Parker.  He's such a ladies man.

Captain America.  This is probably my favorite Monster Truck.  


Mommy and Parker.  

Grave Digger The Legend

Chad Fortune is the driver of Captain America.  He is super tall.  I believe they said he was 6'6.  

War Wagon

I love seeing my little man so happy.  After the show, he told Lee and I that it was the best day.  Oh, what a smile that put on my face.  I love that kid so much. 

Have a wonderful day.

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