Thursday, October 3, 2013

Karen & a Wish List

Oh Karen, why must you track my way and possibly ruin my 9 mile run?  Well, if you're from the south, you have heard that we are expecting either a strong tropical storm or a weak hurricane this weekend.  My running group has already said we will run as long as there is no lightning.  I can't believe my half is in 8 more weeks.  I'm really excited but would really love to lose 13 pounds by then.  I know losing some weight will help my time also. 

I have made a deal with myself.  Once I lose 13 pounds, I will buy myself a running skirt.  I love the chevron pattern from Running Skirts.  This particular skirt has the compression shorts built in, which is nice.  I think $69 is insane but I will look at it like this, I'm paying myself $5.31 per pound that I shed.  The sad part is that I could really use some new clothes for the winter but I prefer to spend my money on workout clothes. 

I will be back on Saturday to post an update on Karen & my run. 

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