Wednesday, January 2, 2013

100% Boy

Parker has a HUGE personality and loves life with everything in him! He runs everywhere, he is loud and boisterous (which I LOVE, it makes him a boy!), and he loves to play. He is 100% all boy and it makes him such a fun two year old. He is just so laid back!  He just kind of goes along with the flow and just has fun. His teachers at school and church love him and enjoy him (or so they say). He has a lot of friends at school and at home. I just love how much his personality shines in pictures. He always appears to be having fun and loving life! Such a gift!

 "Help me Mommy!"  I'm sure he will have one of these in the future.
Like father, like son!  He loves to look at all the fish bait and tells his daddy all the time that he wants to go fishing!

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