Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let's Talk About Fall

I'm linking up with Lauren today for a little Fall survey.  I love Fall and it's almost like it has it's own smell.  Here in South Alabama, Fall doesn't seem to last long enough.

Okay, here we go

1. Three words that come to your mind when you think of Fall.

Football, pumpkins, leaves

2. Your go to Fall outfit

Comfy Cotton top, leggings, flats

3. Favorite Fall candle scent

Anything pumpkin or hazelnut

4.Your go to Fall accessory

Scarf and gray/brown nail polish

5.Your go to Fall beverage

I love apple cider.

6. Any Fall festivities coming up for you??

We love to go to Wales West.  You can ride a train and it takes you to this building that looks like a train station where the kids can decorate a pumpkin.  We go for Christmas also and the train goes to the North Pole.  It's so much fun.

7. Do you go to a pumpkin patch??

See previous.

8. Have you ever been to a corn maze?

No, but we may do that this year.

9. Favorite Halloween movie??

Not really sure I have a favorite Halloween movie.  Now, I'm all about some Christmas movies on Hallmark.

10. Halloween, thanksgiving or Christmas??


11. Did you enjoy this survey??


12. Favorite thing about Fall?

The turning of the leaves.

13. Is Fall your favorite season?

Oh Yes!

I'm a runner so Fall means cooler runs.  I struggle during the summer with my runs so I'm looking forward to easier runs, that is until Old Man Winter returns.  I actually love running in the winter, it sure beats the hot humid runs in the summer.

Happy Hump Day! Please feel free to do this survey and share your answers as well.

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