Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Soccer,Grammy and Graduation

Soccer has been in full force.  Lee had to fill in as coach for last weeks game.  My child may be little but that doesn't stop him from running between two bigger kids to get to the ball. 
This picture is funny to me.  The #1 rule in soccer is not to touch the ball.  Sometimes that is hard to remember. 

Look at my sweet boy!

Go Parker, Go!

My Mother-in-Law flew home on Thursday to spend a week with us and to attend my niece's High School graduation.  We miss her but we are planning a trip to Dallas this summer to visit and let James show us what all Dallas has to offer. 
Parker with Grammy & James celebrating his 5 Goals for the night.

Waiting on our table at Lap's.  If you are wondering, that's a Root Beer.

Silly Boy!
We took Parker to Chill's for the first time on Saturday.  Why have to waited so long?!?    This will be go to place this summer.

Last night, my niece, Chelsea, graduated from High School.  Time really does fly by.
Chelsea & Sherry, my Sister-in-Law.

Look at this cutie pie!!! 
I'm looking forward to a nice long Memorial Day weekend.  I'm sure we will find some water to play in.



  1. Yay Parker on all the goals! So cute!!!

  2. Your little Parker is too cute!! Love him sitting at the bar with the root beer :)