Saturday, August 31, 2013

I did it! 5.2 miles

I decided I would try and go to bed early since my alarm clock would be going off at 4:00am.  I got in bed around 9 and was out by 10.  I was so excited, yet very nervous.  Would I be able to keep up?  Would I make it back to my car?  Those were just a few thoughts that were running through my head.  I woke up at 1 and looked at my clock and then again at 2.  Finally, my alarm went off and I jumped out of bed.  Why is it that I jump out of bed at 4am but have to make my self get up at 6am for work?!?  So I got up and took a quick shower, put on my clothes and made a Vi-shake for the road.  I got there and met the group.  Everyone was so nice.  There were two other ladies running the 5 mile route so I stuck with them.  The first 3 miles went by fast and I was doing awesome.  After that My stomach started cramping.  Note to self- don't drink a shake that consist of milk before a run, especially a long run.  Yes, I was the one who had to make a stop behind a building.  Luckily one of the ladies brought toilet paper. Ha, that's a first for me.  After my pit stop, I was fine.  

I'm looking forward to our run next Saturday.  WAREAGLE!!!

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