Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Do you read Hands Free Mama's  blog?  If not, click the link and start reading.  She decided two years ago to let go of everyday distractions and focus on being in the moment with her two girls.  She writes about beautiful and raw confession.

I admit, I yell too much, wishing I could take it back immediately.  It makes me feel absolutely terrible each time it happens.  I have yelled at Parker before and looked at him and could see the fear.  Of course, I yell and he starts crying.  The crying and the fear in his eye's breaks my heart, yet I still find myself yelling.    What causes me to lose it?  Was it because I told him to pick up his toys and he would not listen?  Was it because he would not sit still so I could dress him?  Was it because he took off running in a parking lot where cars were coming?  Was it because he made such a mess with his snacks?  Could I have handled each situation different that would not require me to yell?  YES, I could have.  I now know that I’m not along in this and there is hope for me. 

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