Friday, June 29, 2012

Jabber Box

That would be our child.

In the last few weeks Parker's just been talking up a storm. It seems like his vocabulary has doubled since January. Even his teachers at school commented on how much he's been talking.

Crazy. Seriously, crazy. Here are a few of Parker's "favorite" words to say lately:

•Momma and Dada
•Monkey (sounds like mukney)
•Jo Jo (his best friend at school)
•Elmo (obsessed!)
•Choo Choo (obsessed with this too)
•Popa, LaLa, Ree Ree, MeMe, Jenn Jenn (sounds like Den Den)
•Help (sounds like Elp)
•Juice (sounds like Duce)
•Lets Go
•Night Night
•Water (sounds like WaWa)

These are just a *few* of his favorites.  It's truly amazing to see and witness how their minds REALLY are like a sponge. And I am loving it. I love hearing him try to repeat back things that we say. It's insanely cute.

Have a great weekend!

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