Friday, May 4, 2012

20 Months Old

Parker is such a sweet child and has forever changed our lives. It’s hard to remember life without the little guy.  I can't believe he will turn two in four short months.

He talks more than any other child I know. He has energy that can last for hours on end from the minute he wakes up until he crashes at night. Parker is tender hearted and genuinely cares about other people’s feelings. He cries if someone else is crying and will worry about them until they act happy again. Parker loves to give other kids a hug.  He is obsessed with balls and Elmo.  He loves banana's, his paci and bath time.  He can throw a fit at the drop of the hat or sit so sweetly in my lap.  He is a big momma’s boy and loves to cuddle. He also loves to help Daddy fix things.  Parker loves his daycare and the people that care for him while mommy and daddy work.  It's such a great feeling to know that he is well taken care of.  He doesn’t miss an opportunity to have a good time and has a contagious smile that draws other people to him.

I am excited to see him continue to grow into a little boy and one day into a man. We are proud of our baby and look forward to many more milestones with Parky!

  • 22.6 pounds
  • 32.5 inches long

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  1. What an absolute cutie and he sounds so sweet!