Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heavy Heart

My heart is so heavy right now. Baby Miller passed away this morning on his mom's chest while they were all sleeping. Meredith prayed he would go peacefully and he did. Please continue to pray for this family. I can't imagine the heartbreak & sadness they feel. I am truly devastated and he wasn't even my son.

A little back story. Meredith had a son back in March. After he was 3 weeks old, she took him to the doctor because she noticed he was floppy and not moving around. Initially they told her they thought it was muscular dystrophy & sent them onto Children's hospital in Arkansas where he was tested, poked, prodded, etc. Unfortunately, they found out he had SMA type 1. He was put on oxygen and had good days & bad.

Please join me in continuing to pray for their family, and in thanking Jesus that they now know Miller is more than comfortable. The following is a link to Meredith's blog.

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