Sunday, September 8, 2013

7 Miles

I ran 7 miles yesterday, which is a PR for me!  I was so excited.  I have never ran more than a 10k. Run Keeper says is was almost 8 miles but I think it's because I didn't pause it for our water break.  I run with an awesome group of ladies.  They make waking up at 3:45 AM on a Saturday morning a piece of cake.  There were around 26 ladies running on Saturday.  We had three groups- 12 miles, 7 miles & 5 miles.  There were 7 of us 7 milers.  2 of the ladies run around a 9 minute pace so the rest of us stayed behind.  We had the best time.  We talk & just make running fun!  I'm blessed to be a part if this group and can't wait to run next week!

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