Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Biting Baby

Hi my name is Christy and my child is a BITER!! Yep, a biter!!! It is crazy because he only has two teeth!! When I worked at a daycare I dealt with biting kiddos. I know that they bite b/c they are unable to communicate and they get frustrated. I also know that teething doesn't help the matter. So far I have made him look me in the eyes and I tell him no bite!!! However, I have spanked Parker's hand and hiney and apparently I am not a good spanker b/c it doesn't even register with him. I just cannot do it any harder. I am not able to!! I don't have it in me!!! So call me a bad parent or a pushover, but I just cannot!!! I am hoping that we will find a better way to nip this biting SOON!!!

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